#1 National Bestseller

"There really is no way to count the number of lives that have been saved by this book."

“Vivid and emotionally compelling; shatters common misconceptions about crime and offers priceless wisdom that can save your life.”
—Anthony Robbins, author of Awaken the Giant Within and Unlimited Power

"Gavin de Becker's brilliant insights and encyclopedic familiarity with the minds of criminals have made powerful contributions to the successful prosecution of many cases, including mine, and now he shares that knowledge with his readers."
—Marcia Clark

"De Becker has a lot to say about crime and the fear of crime, and he says it persuasively...his blend of empathy, reassurance and common sense wows readers."
"A nonfiction book about distinguishing fear from worry and anxiety that reads like a gripping, wonderfully written novel. A book for anyone who wants to discover their intuition and use it to enhance their safety."
—Carrie Fisher

"A thorough and compassionate primer for people concerned about their safety and the safety of their families. This book not only empowers the reader, but also captures your attention and doesn't let go until the end."
—Meryl Streep

"The ability to protect oneself from violent behavior, largely through one's own intuition, is the central premise of de Becker's book - thus, fear is a gift. The book taps the anxieties of an era." 
—The New York Times

Gavin de Becker is the nation’s leading expert on predicting violent behavior. In this groundbreaking book he unlocks the puzzle of human violence and shows that, like every creature on earth, we have within us the ability to predict danger—and get out of its way. Through dozens of compelling examples, de Becker teaches us how to use our most basic, too-often discounted survival skill—our intuition. The Gift of Fear is at once a profoundly insightful exploration of human behavior and a uniquely practical guide to leading a safer life, more free of unwarranted fear.